Industry 4.0

The Problem

It is a fact that the digital age has begun and we are witnessing the rapid development at every level of our lives. And in industry, too, this revolution has long since arrived. Even classic systems such as turbines, generators and pumps are subject to this trend, because digitization promises more efficient use while reducing operating costs. What’s more, as the decentralization of many branches of industry increases, demands on the control and condition monitoring of such autonomously operating systems are growing rapidly. In addition to a significant improvement and deeper detailing of preventive monitoring (condition monitoring), predictive information on the lifespan and functionality of individual components is increasingly required.

But how can concrete benefits be derived from digitization? Actually, it is always the same principle. Multifunctional and high-precision sensor systems provide detailed information about every important component of the machine, modern network technologies and novel algorithms provide for their analysis and filter out the relevant information for plant operation from the data obtained in this way. Thus, a broad field – from plant control to condition monitoring to predictive maintenance – can be covered by services relating to the machinery: all tasks that have hitherto been on the human-cognitive level, for example through the use of specially trained diagnostic engineers a high personnel expenditure and also then often can be handled only insufficiently.



Does this problem seem familiar to you?

Then we have the right solution for you.

What we do

IM&P is engaged in the development, implementation and operation of intelligent software for predictive and preventative machine monitoring. As a specialist, we create tailor-made software solutions for monitoring and controlling complex plants, machines and vehicles. Our competencies, especially in the field of artificial intelligence in connection with mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering, can be found in our algorithms and software modules. In principle, the concepts, software classes and methods developed by us can always be adapted to other types of complex machine types after appropriate adaptation and specification. This can also go far beyond the classic machine field – for example, we are also working on intelligent systems that provide forecasts for municipal energy suppliers to determine the heat energy requirement.

We cooperate closely with our clients during the development phase and use our experience and your data material to develop a tailor-made software solution for each specific issue.

How we do it

  1. We analyze the situation and, together with our customers, identify the actual problem and the task to be derived from it.
  2. Based on the existing data and data archives, we create a suitable prototype for data analysis for the specific problem.
  3. The created software is subjected to a test run with the data of your equipment in the working environment. The results are parameterized and visualized according to your wishes.
  4. The prototype will be adapted accordingly and installed as a customized software package.
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SaaS or Self-Hosting
You decide

You have the possibility to integrate the finished software package into your own IT structure and to operate the system monitoring independently. Alternatively, you can opt for a SaaS solution where hosting is done by us.

Access, visualization and operating concepts are, in both cases, closely coordinated with you and implemented accordingly.