... you would be able to predict a machine failure or your asset would tell you in advance when repair is needed?
... you could determine the best time to perform maintenance?
... you could efficiently monitor and control maintenance costs, downtime and inventory in the long term?
... you would know the remaining useful life of your asset?

IM&P offers an innovative predictive maintenance software solution delivering all of this!


Our cutting-edge software product applies a dynamic forecasting and decision algorithm, which generates long-term wear predictions based on generic and series-specific information, historical and current sensor data and also environmental information.

  • its versatile application ability. Our software product can be applied to all kinds of equipment and machinery. Only the modifiable peripheral software modules have to be adapted to each type and customer requirements.
  • its ability to learn previously unknown malfunctions of system components using artificial intelligence and to process this information to rational maintenance recommendations.
  • its collective nature. As a result, the mutual influence of individual system components, and thus the impact of the damage of one component on other components are being recognized efficiently.
Early damage detection and reduction of breakdowns
Reduction of maintenance costs and operating costs
Reducing downtimes and therefore increased plant availability

Our predictive maintenance solution can be applied to a wide variety of plants, machineries and also vehicles in different industries. Based on recent development outputs the following areas of application have been identified as feasible:

Wind plants
Production facilities
Railed vehicles
Cable cars
Hydro power plants
Marine engines
Power plants
Pipeline and pump systems as well as compressors
Helicopter engines
Press and printing machines
Mining machinery and conveyor

INDALYZ MONITORING & PROGNOSTICS (IM&P) develops and implements innovative predictive maintenance software solutions helping to improve maintenance management of individual and complex plants as well as machinery clusters.

Applying our prognostics software, unexpected breakdowns with often severe damages can be reduced to a minimum resulting in an extension of running time. Both combined consequently enable a significant reduction of operating respectively maintenance expenses.

Our predictive maintenance solutions allow not only an optimized maintenance planning but also an intelligent control mechanism and long-term economic information (e.g. earnings forecasts can be generated).

In the past two decades, maintenance strategies for machinery and technical equipment have undergone a revolutionary development: until the 90’s, reactive and time-based maintenance strategies, usually based on fixed service intervals, were predominant. Due to the rapid development in the field of sensor and computer technology these maintenance strategies have been replaced by preventive condition-based maintenance strategies (Condition Monitoring Systems – CMS), but in many areas of applications CMS has already reached its limit.

The future belongs to predictive condition-based maintenance strategies based on intelligent prognosis methods that can individually predict future machine status in order to be able to plan maintenance optimally.

IM&P has developed and successfully tested an innovative prognosis software, which is characterized by a very high forecast quality that has revolutionized maintenance planning.


Our vision is to provide our customers with an effective predictive maintenance software which is able to reduce costs and increase plant availability.